Invitation for Seminars/Workshops/Short Courses


It is for general information that the objective of the Directorate of Continuing Education Centre at BUET is to assist in and to promote the development, upgradation and renewal of knowledge and skills, in the field of Science and Technology of Teachers, Engineers, Scientists, Managers, Planners, Administrators and others through:
    i.   dissemination of new knowledge and techniques.
    ii.  training in established knowledge and techniques.
In order to achieve its objectives, DCE strives to carry out the following activities:
a) Plan and organize Continuing Education Courses to be offered by  the Departments, Centres and Institutions.
b) Plan and organize interdisciplinary Continuing Education Courses, Seminars, Conferences, Workshops etc.
c) Plan and organize Seminar, Workshop, sandwich or other Courses etc. as and when requested by outside agencies/organizations
d) Plan and organize for the teachers and staff of BUET:
    -Continuing Education Courses.
    -Participation in Courses, Seminars, Conferences, Workshop etc. offered locally or abroad.
 We know that many BUET alumni and other Bangladeshi Researchers are working around the world in various fields of Engineering. These alumni/researchers can easily disseminate their knowledge ideas, technical know how and expertise through the DCE, BUET by organizing workshop, seminars and short courses. In this regard, we are inviting you to offer a short course/seminar/workshops when you are visiting Bangladesh. The interested Experts/Researchers/Professors are requested to contact to the undersigned at least two months before visiting Bangladesh along with a short resume.
In this context it may be noted that we have provision of some remuneration for both the Coordinator and the other resource persons who will assist the Coordinator. I look forward to hearing from any one who is interested to offer such a course.
Prof. Quazi Deen Mohd Khosru
Director, DCE



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Telephone: 880-2-8620738
PABX: 9665650-80/Ext. 7503